7 Tips for a Cheap Long Distance Move

Moving can be incredibly exciting, but the preparation and work that goes into moving your life and things long distances can also be daunting and stressful. The cost of doing so is a common factor that adds to this stress and can even be enough to deter people from bringing a lot of their things and moving to begin with. However, there are various ways to lower these costs, and here are seven tips that will help you make a cheap long-distance move.

1. Pack Items Efficiently and Effectively

A large factor that plays into moving costs is how many things you bring and space these items take up. To minimize costs, first donate, sell, or throw out any items that you haven’t touched in years or aren’t of use to you. When packing, use space efficiently and pack things together so that you don’t have an excessive amount of loose items.

Follow these tips for an easy, stress-free move


2. Research Multiple Long Distance Moving Companies

Numerous choices offer long-distance moving services, and while many of them appear the same, the options may offer different deals, have superior service and better reputability, and provide other benefits that can make moving more of a breeze. Research companies, their reviews, and see if they offer free quotes for your move to find the best mover for you. Use this site to request long distance moving quotes from multiple licensed interstate movers.

3. For A Cheaper Long Distance Move: DIY With a Rental Truck

An alternative to going with a moving company is the option to rent your moving truck. If you are comfortable driving a larger vehicle and don’t have a semi-trucks worth of items, this can save you a great deal of money. Check out this blog for tips on how to safely load your moving truck. There are also options to pack all of your items yourself in a container and hire an individual to drive the truck to your destination simply.

4. Don’t Move During Peak Times

Whether you are moving your things using a moving company, air services, or land or water transport, the costs will be higher in peak season. Try moving before or after the late spring and summer months, and avoid the weeks around Christmas holiday as well. Moving companies offer lower prices at these times, and the cost of travel goes down as well.

5. Recycle Old Packing Essentials

Though it may not seem like it, the cost of packing paper, storage bins, and cardboard boxes, and other packing items can add up. In the time coming up to your move keep any boxes that you have received from ordering items, grocery shopping, and other activities that can be reused to store your household goods. You can take these items off of friends’ hands as well.

6. Seek Out the Help of Friends and Family

If your friends and family are willing and available to help you make your move, loading up multiple cars and having them help you carry your things into and out of your places can save a great deal. It may take more trips, but the cost of all trips will be lower than some other methods.

These are useful tips you can follow for affordable moving.


7. Conserve Your Money After the Move

After a big move, it is common for many to spend money on a variety of things that can put a dent in your bank account. It may be tempting to hire people to remove all of the packing boxes and trash, make renovations on the house, and buy new d├ęcor and items, but avoiding these actions in excess can save more money after a move that has already cost you. Be sure to set up or revise your household budget, and stick to it.

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