How Much Will You Pay to Move Out of State?

Moving is never inexpensive. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a cross-country move for a three bedroom home with full packing services (2,163 miles from Florida to California) is $8,687-$11,766.

Typical moving expenses

In an interstate move, several expenses are to be expected, and that can’t be eliminated:

Just because an expense is necessary doesn’t mean it’s non-negotiable. With everything needed for your move, you should be confirming that you are paying the lowest possible price.

Follow these steps for a cost-cutting move.

How to cut costs

There are plenty of ways to cut the costs of a long distance move. Some require a little more effort on your part, but they can save you a ton of money.

1. Pack yourself instead of having the movers do it

As mentioned above, full packing service increases the cost of your move to between $8,000-11,000. If you take on some or all of the packing work yourself, you can bring the cost down by $1,000-4,000.

2. Time your move just right

Holidays, weekends, and the end of the month, as well as any move from May to September, are the busiest and most expensive times to move. If you have flexibility in your move date, you can get a less expensive rate for the same move.

3. Purge your belongings

Before you start packing, or as you pack, go through and purge your belongings. Throw away anything that is broken, trashed, or otherwise unusable. Donate or recycle things you no longer use. Pare down your belongings where you can. If you have lots of clothes you don’t wear, don’t pay to move them. Get rid of them.

Consider what you can afford to replace, as well. Some things may be much cheaper to replace than to pay to move. If you can afford to replace something, donate or sell it before you move to save some money.

4. Shop around

Don’t hire the first mover you talk to. Get in-home estimates from a few and compare the prices and services they’re offering. Ask friends and family for recommendations and reviews.

5. Eat and stay for less

Save money on your move by packing a few of the meals you’ll need to eat on the road. A cooler filled with ice, drinks, lunch meats and cheeses and some fresh fruit can save you a ton of money at the expense of fast food.

Book hotel rooms online in advance, and save some money there, as well. Determine how far you can drive in a day, and find a hotel in the general area online. Be realistic, even if it means stopping a little earlier than you’d like.

While ‘you get what you pay for’ is true, it’s also true that you can have a secure move for less. Don’t hesitate to negotiate and look for ways to save.

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